Special Thanks

Building this site was quite the learning experience.

That being said, If not for the following we would have spent many hours banging our heads against a wall (in no particular order):


This is a wonderful JavaScript library. Big timer saver. Just about anything Web 2.0 related on my sites will have a large portion of JQuery attached.


A great Christian media/clip art site ran by a great friend. Many of our cool images, backgrounds and signature templates were gleemed from ShareFaith stock.


Wow, what an amazing product! This is one of the best text editors I have ever seen. I was looking for a Text Editor that could handle copy and pastes from Word and of all the products I have used or seen, CKEditor is the best.


For letting us use the NASB translation on this site. They have been very generous allowing us to use their full work of the New American Standard Bible. We hope that this translation will be beneficial for all who use this site and we thank them for all the hard work they put into it.

The Lord

I have to give the ultimate credit to where its due. If it was not for the blessings resulting from having cancer, going through all I did and coming to this point, this website would never been possible. Because of the Lord I was able to go back to school, have the time I needed with my family and the time needed to build a site as complex as this. All Glory to Christ.

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