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Fellowship Information

Fellowship Goal


....is to assist people of all denominations, all over the world, in establishing expanding networks of small groups that will effectively equip Gods people to do His work, and build up the church, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love (Ephesians 4:12,16).


...is to form an ex..

About This Fellowship

These is just a forum where cell leaders and members can share their challenges and experiences. If you have answers to some questions, do share please.

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Fellowship Privacy

Fellowship Privacy level is currently set to: "Open" - help

Private: Membership is only available to those who know your fellowship Name and Password.

Open: Any Unity member can join this fellowship, no password is needed and this fellowship will be listed on the "Fellowship Join" as an open fellowship.

An "Open" privacy policy is perfect for fellowships that want to grow, but may take more moderation time from the fellowship leader.

Member Signatures

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Fellowship Chat

Admin: Welcome to the Unity in Grace Cell group fellowship page!
Anasa: This is a fellowship open to all members of the body of christ to share they experiences and challenges about being a member of leader of a cell group. Please feel free to share your story or advise. ..
Admin: Fellowship Information has been updated by the Fellowship Leader

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