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Bible Verse Signature Creator FAQ

Help, "this function" is not working!

JavaScript MUST be enabled for this page (and site) to function correctly. If JavaScript is enabled and you are still having problems, please submit a bug report via our Forums or FeedBack page.

*JavaScript and Java are two different technologies. JavaScript needs to be enabled.

What is a Bible Verse Signature?

Bible Verse Signatures can be used to display favorite verses to your family, friends or in other places.

We supply the code so you can easily integrate your Bible Verse Signature into blogs, forum signatures, email signatures, websites and other locations!

Provided are many different options to help customize your Bible Verse Signature. All our custom backgrounds are made in house. Please check back regularly for new background types.

Why can't I access the "Copy & Paste Code" for my Signature? (members only)

If you cannot access the Copy & Paste code for your signature, you are still using an Example Site Signature.

Once you actually create a Bible Verse Signature for yourself, it is saved to the server and access to the Copy & Paste code is given for placement in other locations.

**Please note that you only have to do this ONE time, after your account is first created.

To help reduce server resources, all new accounts start out with one of six different default example verse signatures.

Once you receive your Copy & Paste code, it will never change. Your Signature will continue to be updated automatically (no matter where its located) whenever you make a modification on this page.

Why should I save my Access Code? (public signatures only)

Having an Access Code allows you to maintain your Bible Verse Signature without having to create an account or sign in.

You will be able to make changes to your existing Bible Verse Signature without having to recopy the code back into your website, forum signature, blog, email signature and anywhere else you are currently displaying your Verse Signature.

Can I create a Verse Signature without logging in?

Yes! Once your Bible Verse Signature is created, an Access Code will be given to you so that you can modify your Bible Verse Signature in the future.

Why do the display and resulting signature look a little different?

Interpretation! No really. The "display" signature you see in the Creation Box that is manipulated may have subtle differences from what you actually end up with. This is due to the way your browser & computer interprets the "display" signature (html/css) and how our server interprets the same thing (styles, sizes, fonts...).

While we tried to do our best to make sure that this Bible Verse Signature Creator is a 'WYSIWYG' system, small variations may occur in your final signature.

Large variations should be reported via our Forums or Feedback page to help us fine tune this system.

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