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Bible Verse Signatures

Bible Verse Signature's can be used to display your favorite Bible verse
in your Forum & Email signatures, Website, Blog and Facebook!

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What is Unity In Grace?

Love ~ Grow ~ Share ~ Encourage

Unity in Grace is a non-denominational social Christian website with the purpose of providing an online community for believers to Love, Grow, Share and Encourage one another in Christ through the use of prayers, stories, testimonies, fellowships, devotionals, and other site related content.

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Unity In Grace Tools

Prayer Wall : Prayer Requests | Prayer Lists

Add Your Prayer Request or Pray For Others.

Prayer Requests
Visit the Prayer Wall to add your Prayer Request. You will receive an Email and PM letting you know when you are prayed for. Prayer Requests are marked as being prayed for when a member selects the "I Prayed!" button within your Prayer Request.

You can mark your Prayer Request as being answered and also provide a follow-up. This will in turn send out an Email and PM to all the other members who prayed for you.

Each Prayer Request also has a special comment page. You can manage your prayer requests and prayer lists within your profile page.

Prayer Lists
This list represents other member prayer requests that you have prayed for. When you mark a prayer request as being prayed for, it automatically gets added to your Prayer List.

When prayer requests in your Prayer List are marked as answered by the member who first submitted it, you will receive a PM and an Email letting you know that specific prayer request was answered.

*You must be logged in to utilize the Prayer List function.

Bible Verse Signatures

Create a Verse Signature to display in your Forum & Email signatures, Website, Blog and Facebook!

We supply the code so you can easily integrate your Bible Verse Signature into blogs, forum signatures, email signatures, websites and other locations!

Provided are many different options to help customize your Bible Verse Signature. All our custom backgrounds are made in house. Please check back regularly for new background types.

Check out our Bible Verse Library for examples.

Inspirational Stories and Testimonies

Stories To Inspire, Give Hope & Show God's Power, Grace & Love In Our Lives!

These stories or can be about anything the Lord has done for you in your Life. Stories that others may find inspirational, helpful, edifying, and encouraging.

It could be something as simple as how God brought you through a hard time, or as powerful as your full Testimony.

Inspirational Stories & Testimonies can also display how God's power, grace, mercy & love are acted out in everyday life. They are also a great way to give the glory back to the Lord.


Create your own devotional or follow other member devotionals. Think of these as blogs, but with a believers twist!

Biblical Answers and Questions

Do you have a Biblically based question? Maybe you're a seasoned believer that can help answer some of these questions, either way visit our Questions and Answers page to get started.


Join or create a fellowship for you and your friends, church, small group or family. Fellowships provide a more personal setting and have tools such as real time chat, prayer chains, event calendars, media bins and more!

Create a Bible Verse Library

Find and collect your favorite Bible verses through our bookmark system. You can then categorize them and print or share them with other family and friends.

You can also use these to encourage other members through the encouragment system.

You can search for Bible verses, or look them up by topics or chapters.

Believers Support Forums

Our forums are there for believers in Jesus Christ to Support, Encourage, Edify, Love, and to Share with one another.

This is also a great place to get site updates, suggest new features or get technical help using our site. Stop in and say hi!

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